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Youth leadership

Inner Healing Component

  • Know your identity
  • Find or regain emotional balance
  • Define your life goal
  • Music workshops

For young people to be able to reintegrate into society, their wounds must be healed, they have experienced many non-facilitating situations that may have left deep marks. Our approach, which is based on a psychosocial spiritual intervention, aims precisely to bring about a renewal of the way these young people think of themselves, the disappearance of this feeling of inner emptiness and peace of mind. They will thus be able to start the process of reinserting themselves with a lighter step.

Entrepreneurship Component

  • Training on writing a business plan
  • Possibility of having microloans

Relieve poverty by offering microcredit programs, courses, seminars and training workshops that aim to develop skills related to entrepreneurship to facilitate financial independence among street youth, both in Montreal and in sub-Saharan Africa.
The aim of this project being to promote financial autonomy, we divide our intervention into three parts: the acquisition of entrepreneurial knowledge, the putting into practice of this knowledge and the assimilation of the qualities necessary for any entrepreneur.

Employability Component

  • Job search assistance
  • Possibility of paid internship

This involves setting up a program that includes a series of interrelated activities allowing young people to be supported from their recruitment until their return to school or their integration into the work market. The workshops will cover themes as varied as self-knowledge, the preparation of an individualized action plan, access to employability tools (e.g. CV, preparation for interviews, organization of your work space)